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Coding Gurus: Expand Your Reach

Give your clients a valuable asset that reinforces what you teach, keeps your name in front of them, and encourages them to continue to attend your lectures while increasing their loyalty.

Here's how it works:

You'll use your lecture notes to customize the Coding Advisor, annotating the billing codes your clients use. Each time a client sees your expert advice, they are reminded of the value you bring to their practice. 

Your notes are not a substitute for your lecture. They just reinforce it.

Here is a great example of expert advice:

We create a web page for you to sell our Coding Advisor, and each time a client purchases a subscription, you receive 20% of the proceeds of the sale. This is a continuing revenue stream, because CPT and ICD-10 codes are updated yearly, and LCD's are updated once a week.

Your clients will be motivated to renew their subscriptions every year to rid themselves of the expense and nuisance of getting new coding books. Even if the Coding Advisor did nothing else, avoiding the cost of the books alone makes the subscription pay for itself. But the Coding Advisor also gives them your expert advice exactly when they need it most and many other features.

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