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Yet more about LCDs/Articles

Every Thursday (usually) the CMS updates its Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs)/Articles to add or remove medical necessity rules. (If you are unsure what is meant by "medical necessity," see our blog post on the subject by clicking here). The Coding Advisor is never more than 24 hours out of date with respect to these changes. Most other claim scrubbing software only checks once a month or even less often.

It wasn't until recently that we started to closely track these updates to see what the changes mean for our clients. Once a week for the past month we have been comparing the LCDs/Articles with the rules that were in effect before each update.

We can now provide our clients with customized medical necessity update notifications. The Coding Advisor allows you to specify "favorite" codes, i.e., the codes that are most relevant to your practice. Whenever the CMS issues an LCD/Article that pertains to your favorite codes, we will notify you by email. 

In addition, in the near future, we plan to offer non-customized weekly reports that list all of that week's medical necessity changes. Subscriptions will be free of charge, even if users don't subscribe to the Coding Advisor.

Is that something you would be interested in subscribing to? Let us know by writing a comment to this blog entry.

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