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Medical Coding Books Rejections

For the sake of completeness, let's talk about rejections.

A rejection occurs when the payer can't understand the claim. That can happen if you misspell a code by omitting or transposing digits.

So how do you avoid misspelling codes? You can buy a current CPT coding book. And an ICD-10 coding book. And a HCPCS coding book. Click here to see them on Amazon. At the time of this blog entry, those will run you about $300.

Or, for roughly the same price, you can buy a subscription to the Coding Advisor and not have to deal with books. At the same time, the Coding Advisor will also alert you if you entered an invalid code.

If you don't know the formal description of the code, you'll have to search through the books' cross-references to find it. Not so with the Coding Advisor. We'll show you how do that in a future blog post. Or you can try it for free, no credit card required, by clicking here.

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