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Is Time Travel Possible?

RAC audit Time Machine

The Coding Advisor supports a feature we call the "Time Machine." While it won't transport you back or forth in time, it does allow you to scrub a claim as of a date in the past, just as it would have been on that date.

Why would you want to use our Time Machine? There are several reasons:

  • Perhaps you are entering claims in early January for procedures performed in December. As you probably know, the procedure codes are updated each calendar year. New codes can be added and old codes can be retired. When you scrub a claim you need to use the codes that were in effect on the date of service.
  • Perhaps your claims are being audited (my condolences). Auditors are humans, too, and are susceptible to making mistakes. If you think your auditor might be wrong, you can use the Time Machine to audit the auditor and make sure they are right if they tell you there is a problem with a claim you filed two years ago. Bear in mind that there are penalties that can be imposed if an auditor finds that a claim was filed incorrectly. And the penalties get worse if the auditor discovers a pattern of incorrectly-filed claims, so each and every claim filed incorrectly counts towards determining whether there is a "pattern" to your mistakes.


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